Latina women take the reins and purchase decisions

Latina / Hispanic women are an increasingly strong driver in the economy. In addition to being the ones who make the most basic and joint decisions in switzerland mobile number format purchases such as food, beverages and other household products according to a new report from Nielsen.The “Latina Power Shift” report highlights the role of Hispanic women, their growing numbers, economic status, and patterns of purchasing and consumption behavior.In the recent Nielsen study in the United States, 86% of Latinas declared that they are the main buyers of their homes, which means that they control most of the Hispanic purchasing power.The percentages of Latina women who demonstrate that they are the decision makers in purchases: 67% for food, 66% for clothing, 59% for pharmaceuticals, and 55% for beverages, 45% in social activities, 41% in the family economy, 38% in insurance, 38% in personal electronic products, 33% in electronic products for the home, and 30% in transport and automobiles.


Data indicates that household Switzerland Phone Number List decisions are made jointly with men: 33% on food, 34% on clothing, 38% on pharmaceuticals, 41% on beverages, 52% on activities social, 50% of the family economy, 50% in insurance, 50% in personal electronic products, 50% in electronic products for the home, 48% in transport and automobiles.The report lists more than 50 specific product categories within perishable and non-perishable foods, beverages, household products, and personal care and wellness, with Latinas ranking higher in market share compared to women. not Hispanic.According to Nielsen research, Latinas are expected to represent 30% of the total female population in 2060. Additionally, demographic trends make clear their influence on consumption patterns in the United States: 23% of all births in The United States in 2011 were owned by a Latino mother, with 63% of Hispanic families having children under the age of 18, compared to 40% of non-Hispanic women. It reflects that more and more women generate income (an average of $ 75,000 per year), have studies (73% of those with secondary studies manage to reach university studies), which represents a change from the old traditional families .

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