Lateral marketing: sales strategies to the beast

Nowadays you can’t hang out with little girls. Things are ready to challenge yourself in a big way. You have to look for the extremes, reality will take care of putting things in their place. But along the way we will learn where our limits are. In supportive sales and argentina mobile number , attitude rules. How big do you pose the challenges in your company?Philip Kotler in his essential book “Lateral Marketing” proposes the search for innovation through what he calls “creating a vacuum”. When choosing a product or situation and looking for innovations that we can apply to improve it, create new markets or improve sales, creating a vacuum is looking for an applicable situation or solution that at first may seem absurd. This “displacement” or void created must be closed looking for an innovative and often disruptive solution.Let’s go roughIn his method, Kotler cites exaggeration as one of the techniques to create that vacuum that causes the search for innovative solutions. This exaggeration can go both ways. For example, if I want to sell more, I can consider contacting absolutely all my potential clients, no matter how many, or not contacting any at all. In both cases, exaggeration can create a vacuum and pose an absurd a priori situation. But if we approach it with an open mind looking for how to meet the objective, we will surely arrive at innovative, radical, groundbreaking solutions. This is what we need right now. Innovation in all areas is what will move us forward.


In the example above, even if I have thousands of potential customers, surely I can find a cost-effective and affordable solution to “talk” to all of them. If I have millions I may have to squeeze my head a bit more, but I bet we can come up with good ideas. If I consider not contacting any of them, perhaps the solution is to get them to contact me. In both cases I know companies working with these strategies.On one occasion, looking with a client for a way to sell more, we saw that it was necessary to increase the number of demonstrations of the product (a software application) that the sales team carried out to potential clients. At that time, the number of demonstrations carried out per visit was very low, below 10%. After working to have the relevance of demonstrating, improving training, and introducing the number of demos as a follow-up parameter, we were able to see, to our surprise, that there were not many more demos. Then come up with something that might seem surprising: “We are going to do product demonstrations on every customer visit.” The first time I said it, it sounded absurd in the face of reality. We analyzed all the conditions that caused no demonstrations to be made. We ended up radically changing the way we approach sales meetings and getting to demonstrate at almost every customer meeting.Every time I see more projects that from day 1 have as a geographical scope the whole world.An example of what not to doMisused lateral Argentina Phone Number List can also cause great evil. A brand of toilet paper comes to mind that raised as a differentiating element, with an intense television campaign, that the cardboard of the roll once it was finished dissolved in the water. Great solution yes sir. In addition to ecological. I imagine the person responsible for the fabulous idea, totally gone, after an anthological night, sitting with a roll of cardboard in his hand, crying, not knowing what to do with it.In our processes and products we all have ways of doing and determining factors that we think are immovable, and that are not even questioned. Today we have to permanently reinvent ourselves, we must consider all aspects of our business as something to question and subject to change. Only then will we make our companies stand out from the crowd, and have a bright future.Do you have any examples of success in the application of lateral marketing? What problems have you solved with a rough approach?

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