Latam countries that buy the most in marketplaces

The Latin American countries that buy the most in marketplaces are Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. This is demonstrated by the data collected by Statista on electronic commerce in Latin America. The figures for online shopping worldwide have grown enormously. And although countries such as the United States, China and the United Kingdom are the world leaders in this type of transaction, the truth is that Latin America is experiencing great development in this regard, at the same time it is experiencing an increase in Internet penetration in the region . It is estimated that the population of Latin American countries is 650 million people. Although only around 155 million make purchases over the Internet, more and more users choose to purchase products and services online . Partly due to the development of new technologies and also due to the convenience of not having to travel. How the market share is distributed among the Latin American countries that buy the most in marketplaces Lineo report of Internet penetration in AmericaThe growth of the Latin American countries that buy the most in marketplaces is being outstanding. In fact, Statista shows that e-commerce retail sales in this region were about $ 64.4 billion in 2019 . The market share is distributed as follows: In Linio’s annual study , South Africa Phone Number List  the market leader in the region is Brazil with an Internet penetration of 71% and a sales volume of more than 19,724 million dollars in electronic commerce in 2019.

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It is followed closely by Mexico, with 17,626 million dollars while Argentina and Colombia are the countries with the highest Internet penetration after Brazil. What does the future hold for ecommerce in Latam? The regional projection of Internet sales will grow by leaps and bounds throughout Latin America.  South-Africa Phone Number List  In fact, for this year 2020 it is expected to reach a value of 75,000 million dollars . Regarding the contributions of growth by country, the projections for 2022 indicate that Brazil will contribute 39,000 million dollars during that year. In the same way, Mexico will do it with 28,000 million; Argentina with 19,000; and Colombia with 8,000. The rise of e-commerce directly affects and benefits marketplaces in a number of ways. First of all in the investments that are made in the sector. And second, to store planning and organization. And this, taking into account that the ecommerce market in Latin America is still in a mature state. For brands and marketers to take full advantage of the momentum of e-commerce in the region they need to be prepared. Therefore, knowing the market, the opportunities and the challenges they face is essential. In the same way, it is essential to understand how digital commerce will evolve in the Latin American countries that buy the most from marketplaces and how the various market niches move. Brands and Latin American e-commerce Evolution of ecommerce users in Latin AmericaDespite the fact that the Latin American economy is in recession, Latin America is a market in which brands should pay attention since electronic commerce has a growth rate of 20% per year. In this context, both brands and companies can find a scenario of great opportunities in the digital market. Marketplaces offer the opportunity to publicize brands and expand their business volume beyond borders.

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