Keywords in titles: Google claims it no longer counts for SEO

Keywords in titles is a topic that is generating a lot of uncertainty in relation to Google’s ranking factors. Identifying which ranking factor is important to Google is controversial even for seasoned SEO professionals. At this time, the ideal way to rank higher in search results ( SERPs ) is not very clear . Keywords in titles are overrated The sine qua non premise of applying the Keywords in the titles begins to be questioned. At this moment, no one can say with certainty which of the more than 200 criteria is really the decisive one in the positioning through Google . One of the most weighty testimonies about the importance of Keywords in titles is endorsed by one of the best Google SEO experts, John Mueller. Mueller also recently surprised by dismantling another myth assumed by everyone in terms of SEO positioning. He commented that linking to relevant websites does not affect SEO positioning as it used to. The other news that he announced is the one that has to do directly with Keywords in titles and SEO. According to Mueller, Keywords in titles are being overrated by SEO experts . The keywords do not count as much as it was thought in the titles. Keywords Relevance In his lecture on the importance of SEO in Google,  Ukraine Phone Number List  Mueller commented that Google sees titles as a mere function . That is, it perceives labels as elements that are used in the text as headings when it comes to searching for something.

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Google sees the value in the tags more as elements for ordering queries than for inserting keywords. In fact Mueller commented that titles are seen by Google as parts that are used to better understand the content of the page.  Ukraine Phone Number List  But the relevance of the inclusion of keywords in them is not considered. Keyword effectiveness in headings infographic about writing headlines From now on it will be convenient to consider the effectiveness of using the keywords in the headings. What seems to be a fact is that the ranking of the keywords in the H1 headings and also in H2 and H3, are no longer relevant to Google according to Mueller . Since the beginning of the last decade the inclusion of keywords in the headings was something fundamental and now all this is changing. Although it does state that the three types of tags help to more easily find the correct queries where the keywords can go. Importance of Keywords in texts Therefore the page will rank higher because the keyword will be within the text, not because it is in the title. This does not mean that for this reason a page will be positioned at the top of the results. There are more factors for this, not only because it is making the search easier for Google. Being clear about where the best places to relocate your keywords are is important, but not just for Google . Anyway, although the Keyword in titles does not have the relevance of before, Google values ​​it. The reason according to Mueller is because it makes it easier for people and scripts to understand the content.

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