Javier Riestra: “Data is the black gold of the 21st century”

Data has conquered the world… and also Javier Riestra , the fourth guest in #AntevenioPeople , our series of video interviews conducted by Agustín Carbajo , director of Inbound Marketing at Antevenio . Their ability to conquer – that of Big Data – is such that large brands and companies are beginning to invest in hiring this type of professional profile: “ They are seeing the value that analytics brings to the business. And it is that what is not measured cannot be improved ”, explains Riestra, Digital Analyst.
A rising value that has caused the name change of this specialty: ” Before the branch was Web Analytics and I have seen how it has become Digital Analytics, that is, we no longer simply analyze a website or an ecommerce, but we campaigns that generate an immense amount of information, we have a website, we have applications, we have sales in physical stores, we have a lot of points of contact with the customer where we can measure ”, Javier argues. The evolution of technology has increased the ability of analysts to measure all types of information: ” Technology allows us to measure more and measure better, and it also allows us to analyze a greater capacity for information in less time, ” he says. By adding to this ‘ data cocktail ‘ disciplines such as Data Science or Statistical Mathematics ” a movement is being generated, which is no longer just web analytics, but also begins to mix all the data that we can unite to generate intelligence and generate recommendations to business ”, clarifies Javier Riestra. By analyzing and studying the data generated by users on the web, an infinite number of actions can be carried out that have a very positive impact on the results of the companies that carry it out. It is possible to identify user purchase patterns to anticipate their next acquisition , to know the personal situation of buyers to offer one service or another, Sri Lanka Phone Number List and there is even the possibility of crossing the online with the offline : ” On a day-to-day basis we interact in an offline environment with technology that leaves traces.

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This allows us to understand the behavior of buyers as something unified, as an omnichannel customer journey, ”says Javier Riestra. With so much information digested, analytics departments have become a kind of customer centric : “ We can prevent, anticipate, and anticipate your next move, but not only to sell you something, but to impact you with one or another campaign, with one or another message or simply decide to stop because we have already impacted him enough ”, he concludes. Immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of Big Data to perfectly know consumers, and thus anticipate their wishes, Sri-Lanka Phone Number List  we ended this interview in Antevenio People with Javier Riestra. Do you want to know the more human side of other great brands from the hand of great professionals in the sector ? Enter our YouTube channel and enjoy the interview with Mauro Fuentes , director of Digital Marketing and Social Networks of El Corte Inglés, David Velduque , creator, director and founder of Neurads and Irene Milleiro , Global head of Campaigns at Change.org .


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