It is the quintessential medium for creating advertising above the line.

If what defines radio is its transversality, television reaches incomparable audience levels through multiple channels . It is true that it is a mass audience arrival without knowing the users, but this is one of the main objectives of ATL advertising.C.- Magazines and newspapers The most traditional communication channel but no less important to carry out ATL. Newspapers target a general target audience. And, in some way, the arrival of the different ATL campaigns will be determined by the location of the ad space. On the contrary, magazines, as they are usually published by specific topics and areas, are more aimed at specific user niches. In any case, the three channels fulfill the function expected by above-the-line advertising, which is to reach the maximum number of audience. The media used in below the line campaigns are more digital. With this type of advertising, what is pursued is the conversion of the user. The strategy is to reach specific audience niches and segments . This is more accurate communication. Another aspect that is pursued is to use messages that leave a mark on the memory.  uae phone directory  The different channels that are usually used in the most effective below the line campaigns are: In the debate between ATL Advertising Vs BTL Advertising, social networks, in general, are an excellent channel for below the line advertising strategies.

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Through them you can reach a more segmented audience. The use of these channels will allow you a horizontal communication with the user.  UAE Phone Number List  Thus, the use of social networks in your below the line campaigns will more easily convert the user into a customer . And, later, as an ambassador for your brand The ultimate goal when creating activities at congresses, conferences or music concerts is to promote a brand. The appearance of the brand within the sponsorship of the event is assumed as a natural element within the event, not at all hostile and invasive. Regarding ATL Advertising Vs BTL Advertising, one of the advantages of carrying out below the line campaigns is the degree of satisfaction that the specific audience you are targeting will achieve. You will achieve greater adherence to your brand from customers and users . Another advantage is that you will have your audience hypersegmented in a physical way. With which you can perform more actions within the event.

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