It is the moment in which the user knows that he has a need and is about to collect information about the product or service.

.This phase coincides with the second step of the AIDA method, which is interest. You have already attracted their attention, but now you must keep it so that they continue to delve into your brand and your products. The key is personalization . If the user considers that your brand really cares about their problem, it will be easier for them to want to know more about your solutions. Try to empathize with the user and appeal to their emotions to capture their interest . Once the user reaches the decision phase of the purchase cycle, what they do is compare the different options available to them. In the case of the desire stage, the goal is to demonstrate to the consumer why your product may be the best option . You need to stand out from your competition and offer added value to your products or services. Otherwise, you may decide on another option. If everything went well, the user will take action. That is, to make the purchase. At this time it is important to make things easy for the client . In addition, you can offer him advantages for his purchase. But the most important thing is to mark the path to conversion. The use of expressions that call to action such as “now” or “now” is also recommended. Creating a sense of urgency is often very effective in persuading the user. Make him feel like if he doesn’t take action quickly, he may miss a good opportunity .  free phone number database  The best examples of the AIDA method If you are already clear about how the AIDA method works, it is a matter of planning a strategy that allows you to convert leads into customers. Therefore, here are several examples of the AIDA method applied to digital marketing .

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You can be inspired by them and apply them to your strategy. 1.- Video advertisement with the AIDA method to  Phone Number List   construct the speech The video marketing is one of the most effective strategies today. Its use is already fully extended on social networks and in almost all businesses. In fact, it is considered that already in 2020 it constitutes more than 80% of Internet traffic. The reasons are many. But above all, it is its ability to transmit information in an entertaining way that makes it one of the most irresistible content. Video marketing has great examples of the AIDA method like those of the insurer Línea Directa. This one in particular is called “we keep looking for you” and the 4 phases are easily recognizable. Attention : the ad begins with a subjective camera going through some offices looking for the client. It is a good strategy to go directly to the user to capture their attention and offer a solution to their problem: they pay too much for their insurance and offer to pay less.

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