It is one of the most important strategies to energize the 2.0 community.

For your content to be shared, it must be attractive to the audience of your social networks . A good graphic content of the contents will increase the possibilities. And better than this is the audiovisual content. The videos on your social networks will be more likely to be shared and with them the possibility of giving more visibility to your brand. It is recommended that you adjust your videos and design them so that they are disseminated through your social networks. This social video has a number of quirks. They are short videos between 17 seconds and a minute. Some of them may have a narrative thread where a story is told. Many videos of this type of format usually have a trodden text that explains the story. The reason is simple, many of these videos are seen on social networks from mobiles in public places. The aim is to avoid that the audio is an interference of the message and the user can know it comfortably by reading it without having to use headphones or in the worst case without being able to hear it because they are in a public place. Reasons to use videos Videos are effective on social media. It is the format that users most want to see on social networks . A video tweet multiplies its results by three, for example. Another fact: 95% of users are more likely to remember video content from a social network than written content. Sharing is an element of the identity of social networks. But why integrate it into your social media strategy? all number data   A study on the psychology of exchange published in the New York Times gave the following data. Network users use content sharing as an excellent excuse to stay connected among their contacts. Another reason is to give value through shared content. In short, it is a tool to foster relationships between users. Undoubtedly, using a strategy of good content in video format is essential, since the purpose is to share. Remember, Sharing is caring.

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Above all, social networks are that, social, human. The most human is the most important and what will be shared the most and best .  Phone Number List  If you are a brand, humanize the content you offer. Stories about the brand told through characters or from the more human side will help you. In this sense, good storytelling is necessary to energize the 2.0 community Humor content is another of the elements that are most shared on social networks . Sometimes you may not reach your entire audience with your messages because there will be different criteria among your fans. Humor is a universal language and its messages on networks are those that tend to have the most adherence. Use funny videos. On the other hand, if you offer something of value by creating a giveaway, your users will participate and thank you by sharing it. They will also interact with their family and friends so they can earn it. It will be one of the most effective ways to energize the 2.0 community

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