Is it possible to generate Leads with videos on YouTube?

Learn how to use YouTube to your advantage when generating leads for your business and take a look at some tips to produce a good video!Yes! The answer is simple, direct, and perhaps much easier than it sounds. All you need is a video, a Afghanistan Phone Number List channel , and of course a capture channel.The video itself already becomes a means of generating leads, but the good thing is that, in addition to the conversion into leads when they leave their data on the landing page, we can use YouTube itself to generate more qualified leads.In this post we are going to give some tips for you to produce a video that reaches your target audience more assertively and also how to use YouTube to your advantage when generating leads for your business.How to use YouTube to generate leadsThe first step to start generating leads with videos is to have something to offer to convert your visitors. It can be a free eBook , tool, class, or video. In short, having a rich material with exclusive content so that visitors have access to them.With a blog, a good choice of keywords and a good job in SEO , you may already be in a very favorable position in the search engines, but did you know that the second most used search tool in the world is YouTube? In addition to being the third most accessed site – lagging behind, of course, Google and Facebook – it means that video search accounts for a significantly large share in search engines.In addition, having a video on a product page increases purchase intention by 85%, by increasing the reliability of the product for the customer, in addition to the video having a more intimate language, which speaks directly to the viewer.I don’t think any more arguments are needed to convince you that the video is here to stay, right?When you have, therefore, something to offer, it is time to work on what matters: the offer of that material. A video, as well as a text, is a language format that speaks and argues for or against something, and that can be done in an advertisement, in a grounded speech, in a video class, among many other formats.

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When you record your video, remember that while content is the main point, quality is also a very important factor. Better produced videos tend to have higher Afghanistan Phone Number List than amateur videos. And here between us: producing a video well is no longer a task from the other world. Today, anyone can create incredible videos with a cell phone camera in hand and a good idea in the head.Remember that, like a post on your blog, the size of the video is the main factor for audience retention. The larger the video, the less likely it is that someone will see it through to the end. So here are some tips to make this one look amazing.1- Define what you want with the videoMore than generating leads , your video has to send a message, it has to show that your content is very good and deserves to be downloaded, assisted or experienced.It is clear what you want and your intentions. Make audience projections based on what you already do with your posts, eBooks, tools, etc.2- Write the scriptBy writing the script, you exercise your memory skills, and the text in front of the cameras becomes more fluid and natural. Also, when writing the script, it is possible to measure how long your video will be.After writing, you should read aloud. Then give it to a colleague and ask them to read it aloud as well.Good spoken text is written in short, direct sentences, without delay or curls – get to the point!3- Plan your recordingPick a good day and a good place to record. A quiet, calm place with little movement will not divert the attention of the viewer.Choose a good place, it can even be your workplace, your office or your home, but make sure that the day you choose to record, everything goes well.4- Check your equipmentToday, any smartphone records video with very high quality, in Full HD, in addition to having an image stabilizer.Take audio into account, as this can define whether your video looks professional or amateur. If you have a way to attach a microphone to the camera or use a separate sound recorder, even better.If possible, use a tripod. This keeps the image even more stable and easy for people to see.

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5- Light, camera and action!Record as many times as necessary, until you have a good result. Leave some interval between one recording and another, drink water and avoid gestures that distract the attention of your audience (scratching the nose, moving the hair, obscene gestures, etc).And when you feel comfortable with what you recorded, record just one more time, to ensure a good result.6- Edit the materialHere it is advisable to use someone who understands the matter. A video editor will select the best clips, correct the colors, and process the image to make the video look more professional, as well as adjust the audio. Remember that the editor’s job depends a lot on the capture. It is not always possible to work miracles in editing.With the video ready, it’s time to roll it over to get the Leads machine working. It is very likely that you have already created a Landing Page for your rich content, in order to capture the Leads. If you haven’t, run!If you already have a YouTube account, great, if not, create one. It is fast, easy and free. You just have to have an e-mail from Google and enable the account on YouTube. Just in case, click here to access Google’s support that teaches you how to create an account step by step.With the account created and the session duly logged into it, you will see a button in the upper right corner: Send. Click and upload your video.

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