Is Facebook suitable for my business?

We share a series of reasons that will help you better understand why you should have a fanpage to promote products and services, so you never have to ask yourself, Is Facebook for my business?You are where the people areAs we have already commented in other articles, this is one of the main social networks in which millions of people find themselves because every time it is positioned as one of the consultation and cell phone number database for sale sites, in addition to offering a look at visual content, audiovisual and textual.If the publication is of value , that is, if it helps to solve a problem or is useful, netizens will follow the link to find out more and what it is about. If not, they may block it and stop following you.Everything happens in real timeOne of the unique characteristics of Facebook is the immediate access to know the reaction of the people to whom the content is directed, that is, it is possible to know in real time what they are commenting with, with whom they are sharing, how many have liked it and how many has been tagged.In other words, by being able to measure the way readers behave, it is possible to determine what kind of publications should continue to be shared and which ones should be paid more attention to generate the same impact. This is aformula that you must build and modify, because it is not the same for everyone.You sell while you sleeNo, it is not a contradiction. Remember that, in principle, we are in a globalized world and if your services and products can be provided remotely, a fanpage will help you promote yourself to the other side of the planet while you sleep.

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Facebook will allow you to schedule publications at the times you want and thus reach more potential customers without having to be in front of the computer all the time.You talk to your clients in a personalized waySocial USA Phone Number List are currently an important channel of communication.Whether they write you directly on the wall of the fanpage or send you a direct message through the Inbox, people have changed their behavior to make inquiries, suggestions or complaints, because this route is more expeditious compared to an email or to make a phone call. Facebook has also included a feature that indicates the average response time to those who interact in this way, which you can configure yourself. Hubspot GuatemalaYou only spend what you canDue to the segmentation tool that this social network has, and if your budget is not exorbitant, you may assign a minimum amount to reach more people in a specific way. That is, you can define the gender, territory or age of the public to whom you want to show your services or products without sacrificing large amounts of money that affect your finances. By having statistical data in real time, you will be able to make the adjustments that are required to your ad.


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