Introduction to Google keywords for your digital business

I am going to dedicate a series of posts to talk about the world of google keywords for your digital company, those of which you hear so much in digital marketing, especially in SEO . We will begin in this first installment by german mobile phone number example a brief introduction that will help us understand how Google works and what is the role that keywords playYou will end up understanding why it is necessary to work on keywords and have a strategy for it.In the next post we will address the data that we must take into account in the keyword selection process and provided by the different tools, as well as advice, additional criteria and strategic approaches that will allow us to make the most optimal selection of keywords for the website of your digital company. Do not miss them.If these keywords have been worked well and the basic SEO is decent, we will get quality traffic that will increase our conversion rate.What are Google keywords or keywordsWe will start by commenting, for newcomers, that keywords are only the terms that users use the most when they make their searches in search engines ( Search Engine ), also known as ‘search engines’, and that they serve us to surf the Internet like Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc.And, the results pages that search engines return, are called SERP (Search Engine Results Page)


The importance of search engines lies in the way they work because, to show the appropriate results Germany Phone Number List  for the searches that their users do, they need:1. Have content to show.Google needs to index content. Indexing content is adding new references to the search engine’s web index. For example, in Spain we are interested in being indexed by Google because it is the most used search engine. If we launch a new website on organic products, we need to index the main URLs in the search engine so that they find us but, in the same way, Google is also interested in indexing the largest amount of content to show them when they do related searches.More information on indexing .2. Associate the pages that index with keywords to know what they are about.In addition, they have to assess which pages would respond more appropriately to that search (or the user’s search intention) to show them above the other results (SERP). Obviously, the google algorithm is more complex but I think that having these clear ideas is enough for now.We are talking about Google having to know what the pages or URLs it indexes are about and if they provide relevant information for the user.Do not forget that the factor that Google is influencing the most lately is, along with the semantic dimension, the user experience. This means that we will have to work on other concepts that I will talk about in more depth in other posts, such as:

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rom the topic, to conclude by saying that, broadly speaking, if Google considers that it is not a good experience, that you are not giving the user what they are looking for or you are not giving it in the appropriate way. Or detect poor quality content, plagued with duplications, you will end up losing, sooner or later, positioning in that keyword that has brought you to that user who will probably be non-recurring.What do keywords contribute to the website of your digital company?I think that at the moment it is not necessary to delve deeper into the algorithmic entrails of google to realizethe fundamental and transversal role of keywords in this whole process, especially in its semantic dimension, since it allows google to know what your web pages are about, that is, categorize its contents.It is also easy to understand the importance of keywords in terms of their direct relationship with the natural (organic) traffic that your website receives. It can also be sensed that if the keywords have been worked well, we will ensure that the organic traffic received contains more and more quality usersWe will see in another post some tips and criteria to achieve quality traffic.By now you will have guessed that if you want to improve the organic positioning of your website so that it appears before your direct competitors among the results (SERP) that Google shows its users in the searches they do; you are going to have to dedicate some resources to working the keywords.The keywords or keywords will become a transversal element for your entire digital marketing strategy, especially, in everything that has to do with your SEO and content strategy.Introduction to the ‘volume’ of keywordsAccording to Google’s own Search Console tool for webmaster that is used in SEO to search for keywords and find out their volumes, we would define the volume as ‘the monthly average of times that users have searched for a certain word’.This data helps us to know the ‘popularity’ of a keyword during a certain period of time. A very useful piece of information that I will teach you how to optimally use to select the most suitable keywords for your company.

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