Instagram Stories for business

Instagram stories have become very popular among the users of this social network and companies cannot be left behind in the use of this tool to improve engagement within their digital strategy. Today we want to share with you some tips so that you can learn how to get the most out of Instagram stories for your company. Ideas to make creative stories on Uruguay Phone Number List consistent contentyou are including Instagram stories in your company’s digital strategy, don’t post content every day.Many people have the wrong idea that the success of this tool is in the constancy of the content, when in reality the importance is in the powerful content that is published. We cannot delimit an exact time for the strategy to be successful. Publish once a week or three times a week, it depends on the calendar you have planned according to your strategy.Create series weekly Using storytelling in content will always be an effective way to connect with your followers. If you dare to implement series, you can start to create expectations about the content that you will show them. Alex Beadon , creator of digital strategies, currently has a series called “work with me on Wednesdays” through Instagram stories. She shows her followers what she does during the day, while encouraging them to ask her questions via direct message. Before creating a series for your company’s Instagram account, you have to review what can most convey the identity of your business and what is much more relevant to your ideal client. You can offer them a series of “Friday tips” or some other creative idea that can be popularized in your audience.

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Try to mix different types of content for your series, these can be: photos, videos, screenshots from your cell phone or computer. Develop content that educates Uruguay Phone Number List , people highly value content that teaches them how to do something, which is why step-by-step videos have become so popular . After having defined your buyer persona, think about what type of content they may be interested in. Ask yourself this question, what will get your followers excited for a new story you publish? All companies can create tutorials or share tips related to their product or service. You could make a list of frequently asked questions from your clients and publish stories where these doubts are answered. Share promotions Discounts are always important to the community and sharing them through stories are the ideal way to ensure that they are transmitted in the most creative way possible.You can also use the stories for a social test or to promote a hashtag. Do not forget to republish the posts they make on your account, it is always exciting for users to see their names in your stories. Behind the scenesStop for a moment to think about all those situations that are of interest to your users and that they can make a profit by knowing you. Explore everything and do not rule out any situation, because something that for you could be boring for other people can be really fascinating. The behind the scenes can be about anything, for example: you could make several stories of your work team knowing a new product that you are about to launch.It is important to remember that the success of any publication is in sharing valuable content that serves both to educate and to transmit experience.

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