Instagram guides: what are they and how to create your guides step by step

When you browse Instagram and enter an interesting profile, if you have few publications it is easy for you to find what you are looking for, but if you have many publications, things get complicated. To avoid having to scroll through a sea of ​​publications and to find interesting content quickly, Instagram has launched a new format: guides. Do you know how to get the most out of Instagram guides? In this post, I tell you everything you need to know and give you ideas and advice for your guides.
This format allows you to reuse the content that you have already published, giving it an important place in a new tab of your profile.
Do you want to get the most out of this new format and give a second life to some posts that you shared a long time ago? Well, let’s get to it.
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What are Instagram guides?
Instagram guides are a new format that this social network has launched to group content that you have already published on Instagram.
These guides have a new tab in the profiles that use it and make it easier for the user to find certain content that is interesting without having to scroll through the feed until they find it.

Types of Instagram guides
Right now there are 3 different types of guides:
The product guides , where you can group products that you shared, you’ve saved on your wish list or other shared accounts.
The place guides , where you can group images or videos of places.
The publication guides , where you can group publications from both your account and the publications you have saved from other accounts.
How to create your Instagram guides? There are 3 different ways you can create your guides:
Through the + icon that you will find in the upper right corner of your profile.
Through someone else’s guide (at the end you will find a button to create your guide).
If you have already shared a guide, through the Guides tab of your profile, where a rectangle with a + will appear in the middle.
Regardless of which route you choose to create your guide, when you click create, the 3 different guide options will appear: products, places and publications.
You must select the option you want to create:
In the case of places , you will see three options: search for a place, saved places or your publications. Select the content you want to add to your guide from the appropriate tab. The limit is 5 photos or videos per location.
In the case of products , you will see two options: search or wish list. As in venues, the limit is 5 photos or videos per product.
In the case of publications , you will see two options: your publications or saved publications. In this case, the limit is 30 photos or videos in the guide.
In all cases, once you have selected the publications you want to appear, the preview of your guide will appear and you must add the title of the guide, the cover that you want to appear (it does not allow uploading an image, but you must select from your guide or your account), a description of what the guide is about, the titles of each content, and a brief description of what each content is about.

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Once you have everything filled out, simply click Next and voila, you have created your guide.
How to edit your Instagram guides?
In the event that you have created a guide and want to edit it, enter the guide you want. The option to Add publications will appear directly at the bottom, but if you want to edit it, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option Edit guide .
You can change the titles, descriptions, the cover, add publications or delete them.
How to organize the contents of your Instagram guides?
The contents of the guides are added in the order you select them, but if you want to edit and reorder them you can do so by entering the guide you want to order, clicking on the three points that will appear just above to the right of any of the contents and selecting Reorder publications .
It will take you to a list of the posts. If you click on the three lines that appear at the end of each content title, you can drag them to place them in the order you want.

Once you are organized, give Ready and again to Ready .
How to delete an Instagram guide?
If you have created a guide and you no longer want it to be on your Instagram profile, you can delete it by accessing the guide you want to delete, clicking on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner and selecting Delete guide .
Ideas to create Instagram guides
If you are not sure which guides to create, here are some ideas that may be useful to you.
Product guide ideas on Instagram
Star products , to collect the products that most interest your customers.
Products on sale , to collect the products that are currently on sale.
New products , to collect new products that have come to you.
Seasonal products, to collect products from that specific season.
Types of products , to group products according to their type.
Place guide ideas on Instagram
Favorite places, to collect your restaurants, museums, places of interest, etc. favorites of a specific city.
Routes to spend x time in a city , to collect the places you recommend visiting in a specific city.
List of physical stores , so that they can find out which is the closest store.
Properties , if you have a real estate, you can group properties according to location to make it easier for the user to find what they are looking for in a specific place.
Instagram post guide ideas
Services that you offer , to group all the contents that you have shared offering your services or that have to do with them.
News from your sector , to share the latest news.
Trends in your sector , to publicize current trends in your sector.
Events , to group content of events that you attend, that you have created or of which you are a speaker.
About you or your team , to make yourself known to users and build trust.
Topics , to group publications by topic and make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for.
Collaborations , to group all the content of collaborations that you have made.
Portfolio , to show your designs or work in a single guide.
Success stories , to share your success stories.
Mini-course , to group interesting content to learn about something in particular.
Tips for your Instagram guides
Don’t believe many guides
If you give the user many options, they can get overwhelmed and end up not seeing any .

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Ideally, you should select the guides that you are going to create with strategy and do not start grouping content because it has guides or because it is grouped.
First of all, strategy.
Periodically update your Hong Kong Phone Number List guides
These guides should be updated periodically, both to add new content and to remove outdated content or that should no longer be in that guide.
Periodically review your guides and update them to always keep them as up-to-date as possible.
Highlight the content that interests you
If you create a guide on specific content, you don’t have to add all the content you have on it .
Choose well what content you are interested in highlighting and leave out those that are not so interesting for you or your business.
Share your guides in stories
To further publicize your guides , you have the option to share in stories available.
In this way, you can notify your followers that you have created a new guide in case there are new users who have not seen all the contents of it and may find it interesting.

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