Influencers on Instagram: how to choose the best one for your brand?

Campaigning with influencers is a widely used marketing strategy, especially when we talk about Instagram. There are more and more influential people who can be interesting to brands , so differentiating a good option from another not so good is essential to obtain the expected results. And for that, it is not enough to choose by eye, because for you to really be worth carrying out this campaign or collaboration, it is important that you choose well the influencer or influencers with whom you are going to carry it out.
How to choose the ideal Instagram influencer for your brand? Therefore, today I tell you the steps that I recommend taking before hiring an Instagram influencer for your campaign with influencers.
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An influencer is an influential person who has created a community around their personal brand and who is trusted by them.
They are content creators who have specialized in a specific sector and who work with brands related to their values ​​and personality (or should do so), recommending a product or service to their community in exchange for, normally, money.

Types of influencers
There are different types of influencers depending on the sector they are aimed at or the type of collaborations they usually carry out, I am going to focus on the type of influencers according to the size of their communities.
According to this and my opinion (on the Internet you can find different classifications according to the number of your audience) the types of influencers that we can find are:
Nano influencer : They have between 1k and 10k followers. By having a smaller community, they tend to have more credibility and more interactions, although they tend to be focused on a more specific niche.
Micro influencer : They have between 10k and 100k followers. They are professionals who are often influential in a specific sector and who are trusted by their community.
Influencer : They have between 100k and 500k followers. They are professionals with a larger community volume, who tend to work professionally as influencers, collaborating with brands from broader sectors or several complementary sectors.
Macro influencer : They have between 500k and 1 million followers. They often collaborate with brands and have a very broad audience that is often interested in different sectors.
Celebrity or Mega influencer : They have more than 1 million followers. They are usually public figures or celebrities who are well known and collaborate with big brands.
Depending on the size of your company and how much you are willing to invest in the campaign with influencers, you should target one type of influencer or another. Brazil Phone Number List

Obviously, the more followers and reputation the influencer has, the more expensive it will be to work with them.
Why work with influencers on Instagram?
If you want to increase the visibility of your brand or increase your sales , a very good strategy is to collaborate with influential people in your sector. This type of collaboration or campaign allows you to make yourself known to new audiences who are interested in your sector and your product or service from the hand of a person they trust and listen to.
In addition, this type of strategy is not usually intrusive for users , since it comes from a person with whom they have created a connection, as long as this influencer works properly (we all know an influencer who does it for money and does not mind making a mess your brand image or lose credibility with it).

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How to choose the right Instagram influencer for your business?
To make that first choice of possible influencers with whom to collaborate or campaign, it is important to take some things into account: Niche and target audience of the influencer
The smaller they are, the more they tend to be focused on a specific niche; And the bigger they are, the more general audience they will have. You should look for influencers that are relevant in your sector and that your target audience is among their community, otherwise the campaign will be of little use …
Personality of the influencer and values ​​it transmits
It is very important that the brand and the influencer with whom the campaign will be carried out have the same values ​​so that the campaign has credibility and that the personality of both is complementary so that it has coherence.

Instagram account size
Although you do not have to rely too much on this metric (we all know that you can buy followers on Instagram and that many people do it despite the fact that they may penalize you), but you do have to take it into account to define what type of influencer it is.
Content strategy that follows
You have to analyze and assess the content strategy that you follow on your Instagram account to see if it is really adding value or entertaining your audience. And you also have to take into account if you are creating your own content or if all you share are campaigns with other brands. Engagement of your Instagram account
This is one of the most important metrics in social networks , since it is the one that really tells us if that influencer has followers (simply numbers) or has a community (people who follow their content).

This metric depends on the number of followers that the Instagram account has (the more number of followers, the lower it usually is) and you can calculate it yourself or use some tools to give you the number and the average value for accounts of that size (which will help you know if it has a good engagement or not).
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How to campaign with influencers on Instagram?
Define the strategy and budget for the campaign
The first thing you should do is define the strategy that is going to be followed and the budget that you are going to allocate to this campaign because it is the basis of the entire campaign.
This will define what type of influencer you are going to target for your campaign, how many influencers you are going to be able to hire for this campaign, and what type of collaboration you are going to propose.
If this is not well defined, you cannot demand great results from your campaign with influencers.
Analyze each influencer
You must choose the right influencer for the strategy, budget and your brand and, for this, you have to analyze them taking into account what I have told you in the previous point.

Because hiring an influencer who doesn’t really have a community is not going to do you any good. Nor is it hiring an influencer who has a community if your target audience is not there. My recommendation is that you make a list of influencers that you see that may be interesting for your brand and that you follow them on social networks to follow their work closely. Get in touch with him or her
Now is the time to take the next step and get closer to the influencer you want to campaign with. Take good care of the message you are going to send. Give him enough information so that, in that first contact, he can assess whether he wants to participate in the collaboration of your company or not. In this way, you will avoid meetings with influencers who are not interested or who do not have time to work with you. Ask for your media kit The media kit is a document that contains information about the influencer, their community and the results they have obtained in campaigns with other brands . It is possible that small influencers do not have this type of document, but it seems to me essential to finish verifying that it is really worth it for your brand to invest in this campaign with this influencer.

This document can also give you an idea of ​​how to work with this influencer.
Propose collaboration
Once the influencer contacts you, sends you the media kit, you see that it is interesting and the influencer is also interested, it is time to have a meeting to get to know you better and talk about the campaign.
At this meeting, it is time to propose collaboration (obviously understanding that the influencer also has to give their opinion here).
You can propose different types of collaboration:
Let him become a brand ambassador .
To be given a discount code so that your community can use it (important here to set a deadline to use it to encourage them to buy).
That he is an affiliate of the brand , so that he takes a percentage of what he sells.
To be given something in exchange for showing it on social networks (this is usually a strategy that small influencers usually accept).
That a giveaway be made so that the influencer draws something from the brand in their account (important that to participate in the giveaway they also have to follow the brand).
Have the influencer create a tutorial, review, or Brazil Phone Number List review.
Define collaboration well
Once an agreement has been reached with the influencer, it is interesting that both parties define everything that will be done by each party and also define the times of the campaign .

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That is, define how many publications will be made, on which social networks they will be published, when it will be done, how long this campaign will last, what content or products will be provided to the influencer, if it will be published the content directly or if the brand wants to see it before it is published, etc. The ideal is to sign a contract in which everything that each part has to do is detailed to avoid surprises later. Monitor the campaign and analyze the results once everything is defined, it is not finished. As a brand, you must monitor the campaign and analyze the results that are being obtained to see if they are the ones that had been estimated, if the campaign has fallen short or if it has been better than expected. This is also very interesting to assess whether to carry out more campaigns with that influencer or whether to change the type of campaign to something that is a longer campaign, and also to see if the defined strategy is the most appropriate for the objective set. Tools to analyze influencers and campaigns with influencers
To analyze influencers you can use many free tools that allow you to see some of the results of their publications on social networks such as:
But if you are going to carry out regular campaigns with influencers, I recommend that you get a more complete and paid tool.
In my case, I have tried and I recommend the Influencity tool , which allows you both to perform the analysis of the influencers to see general statistics of their accounts, and then to add the campaign in question to easily monitor it.

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