Influencers: know the most successful campaigns

Although it may seem complicated processes, influencer marketing is a simple strategy that, when applied correctly, can mean great results. Combining products / services with familiar faces gives users greater confidence, this naturally allows sales and engagement to increase.Are you considering the idea of ​​betting on influencer marketing? If you have not yet decided on this digital marketing strategy, today we want to introduce you to some of the most successful influencer campaigns used by big brands.Youfoodz How about an influencer Venezuela Phone Number List campaign to launch a menu exclusively for the winter season? That’s what YouFoodz did by carefully selecting 81 micro-influencers who championed healthy food and physical activity.This Australian fresh food company earned 167 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #mealtimereimagined . In addition to 162 stories and the results of this were amazing: they achieved an engagement of 69,938 people and reached 507,909 impressions with the content generated with the campaign. Consequently, Instagram followers reached 1,457,142 Instagram users.Walmart Promoting social initiatives through an influencer campaign can be a really effective strategy. A clear example of this is the #FightHunger campaign promoted by one of the largest companies in the United States, Walmart.
This company joined seven renowned influencers on Instagram with a total of 29.5 million followers, with the aim of raising funds for Feeding America. Walmart made a 90-cent donation to the organization each time content was shared or a comment was made using the #FightHunger hashtag. This campaign was a success and managed to pay for around 19 million meals. It not only limited itself to raising large funds for the social campaign, but it also boosted Walmart’s public image.

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Sprint Sprint launched the #LiveUnlimited campaign with macro influencers to launch a brand spot and attract the attention of a younger audience. Influencers included the likes of Vine, Lele Pons, and Bradley Martyn. By adding all the Venezuela Phone Number List , the campaign had a reach of 30 million followers on Instagram. This strategy achieved its goal of reaching a younger demographic through the meticulous selection of celebrities to be part of the campaign, and its main appeal was the cool factor . WishOne of the best-known influencer campaigns is #TimeOnYourHands, which was created to promote online shopping. His goal was focused on showing everything soccer stars would do if they had more free time. To achieve this, Wish strategically partnered with some of the biggest soccer characters of the day including: Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, Neymar Jr, Tim Howard, Gianluigi Buffon and Claudio Bravo. All these soccer players interacted with each other’s posts and caused the level of engagement to increase significantly. This brand took advantage of all the factors that were being experienced at that time to succeed with the campaign: it made the union of humor with the launch date, just at the time of the World Cup, so naturally it was possible to generate greater impact. Mercedes BenzMercedes Benz despite being a luxury brand opted for an influencer marketing campaign to achieve its goal of attracting a younger demographic. To achieve this, Mercedes Benz teamed up with Kelly Lund and her dog Loki to create a 360-degree video. In the video, Loki appears running alongside a luxurious car, so the audience could appreciate the journey through Loki’s point of view. The success of the campaign was in the innovative approach that matched the message that the luxury product sought to convey. This strategy managed to get 173 million impressions, 2.3 million “likes” and comments. Regarding the return on investment, 4 million were generated in earned media.

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