Influencer marketing in 2021: prepare your strategy

The new year has brought with it new ways to implement your 2021 influencer marketing strategy. For this reason, it is essential that you are prepared to face the new challenges that will come from the hand of the next 12 months.

The world of influencers is expanding more and more and this is not something that is going to end in the near future. So what you have to do is take advantage of this trend that is here to stay . Once you work with    Romania Phone Number List   this type of collaboration,  you will see how engagement increases.

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But in order to  Romania Phone Number List     structure your 2021 influencer marketing strategy, you need to dig a little deeper into the subject. Start researching what techniques will be in the limelight next year. In this way, you will already have a clearer vision and you can fully immerse yourself in your project.

Importance of influencer marketing
influencer marketing 2021

Knowing what your situation is is essential to start a new year, and the world of influencer marketing is no exception. For this reason, it is essential that you know the importance of this strategy that will give your brand greater visibility . And if you execute it in the correct way, you do not doubt that your sales will increase .

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According to a Takumi report , nearly three-quarters of marketers (73%) have allocated more resources to influencer marketing. Increasing spending is observed in the retail (79%), legal (79%) and manufacturing sectors (75%).

Additionally , a survey conducted by Tomoson revealed that influencer marketing was ranked as the fastest growing online customer acquisition channel. In this way, it surpasses organic search, paid searches and email marketing. The results indicated that the returns were approximately $ 6.50 for every $ 1 spent.

These percentages reflect the potential it has, since many experts have decided to invest more. And those three sectors mentioned are just some of the many that have been added. It is not about doing it to fit in, but about taking advantage of the opportunity to make your business more visible and obtain more profits.

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Prepare your influencer marketing strategy for 2021
It is time for you to know some recommendations that will be of great help to plan your 2021 influencer marketing strategy. You will discover some trends that were present in 2020 and that will remain active in the next year. So get out a pencil and paper and take note:

1.- From influencers to passionate about your brand
Advocacy Marketing SystemDo not think that it is a disappearance of influencers; but if it is a comeback of Advocacy Marketing or recommendation marketing. This is a term that had been dormant for a few years, but 2021 may be the year of its explosion.

It’s about having brand advocates, or what you might know as brand ambassadors. The difference between them and influential people is that advocates are loyal customers of your brand and they recommend it because they like it. Instead, influencers typically make mentions because they are paid in return.

But the crux of the matter is not in the investment, but in the effectiveness that advocates’ publications can have. In fact, user-generated content (UGC) is capable of generating greater engagement than publications with an advertising objective .

Think that it is not about eliminating the influencing characters, but about complementing them with your brand ambassadors. Who knows if later they end up becoming loyal customers and recommend your products or services of their own free will.

2.- Social and environmental issues
A trend that will continue. and that will become more established in 2021, are the social issues that are relevant. After having spent a whole year plagued by a pandemic that will not end so soon, consumers are beginning to be interested in other content.

So much so that even consumer habits took an unexpected turn. The purchasing priority began to focus on the health and food sector. In addition, they prefer brands that are linked to social causes and that are friendly to the environment.

And what better place to promote these topics than social media? It is no surprise to anyone that they are the ideal channel to mobilize entire communities around these social issues. But you are going to need the help of influencers to promote your campaign.

Of course, you have to make sure that the influencers you select are truly committed to that particular cause. Because 40% of consumers admit that these types of influencers have a great impact on them and their decisions.

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3.- Presence in more channels
Multi-channel strategyIf this year you developed your strategy in a single social network, then your 2021 influencer marketing plan should evolve. For this, you will have to work with cross-media campaigns to use various media in a cross way to promote your brand.

This year, advertising through Instagram was the most used in different market niches. The popularity of Tik Tok has been on the rise and in 2021 you can exploit its full potential. Of course without leaving aside the other social networks such as YouTube , Facebook or Twitter …

But it is important to note that influencer marketing strategies 2021 will likely have a presence in traditional channels. Therefore, if you have the budget to invest in television, press, radio and outdoor advertising, do not hesitate.

Take into account that not all your consumers are on the same channel, therefore, you have to manage to reach all of them. Also, your audience will surely like that diversification.

4.- Inclusive content
This may not be new and, in fact, it has been seen a lot in 2020, and since it is not a simple fashion, it will continue to be present in 2021. And it is that people are currently looking for brands that generate inclusive content. Keep in mind that there is very likely diversity within your audience.

Everyone wants to feel a part of something regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, or disability. For this reason, your brand must be a reflection of this and you have to do it through your campaigns. In this case, the influencer marketing strategy is ideal, since the networks have a high reach potential.

5.- Live broadcasts
Live broadcastThe pandemic turned human relations upside down due to confinement and social distancing. But, without a doubt, digital platforms became that meeting place for friends and family. Companies and brands were not far behind.

Los eventos presenciales tuvieron que pasar a la modalidad virtual, y lo hicieron a través de las transmisiones en vivo. Este es un elemento que estar presente en tu estrategia de influencer marketing 2021. Puedes hacerlo en diferentes redes sociales como Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter o Tik Tok, por ejemplo.

This is an excellent option to connect more closely with your audience, and it is also really effective. This is because people feel part of the broadcast and have the opportunity to interact live with the influencers . This way they can solve doubts or, simply, comment something on the subject they are dealing with.

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6.- Short video format
The short is exactly what attracts today’s consumers. They want to know the fair and necessary information. So the safe bet will continue to be short videos . In 2020 they have been very effective, so much so that digital platforms began to compete with each other due to this format.

When Instagram saw how successful Tik Tok was with its 15-second videos , it launched Reels . In both, audiovisuals can be made with the same amount of time. It seems a short time, but if you know how to work it, it will be enough. Now, if you need more time, you have more options on social media.

However, if you are going to run a campaign, it is recommended that you do not exceed 30 seconds. For a more complete content you have IGTV , YouTube and Facebook Watch . But remember that short videos will continue to trend.

7.- Pre and post campaign analysis for influencer marketing 2021
Social media campaign metricsHow can you know if your campaigns are reaching their objectives? Simple, when they finish you have to carry out an analysis. In 2021 you will have to apply a new method, based on a previous study.

With this you can make better decisions before launching your campaign, because you will already have a better vision of what works and what does not. And for this, SamyRoad developed a tool called Samy Advocacy Index (SAI). This will take care of showing you the score of your brand’s digital reputation compared to your competitors.
It also shows you how that score directly impacts sales. With them you can analyze three specific areas: social reputation, content and brand presence . So you have no excuses for not doing it, because you already have a good ally.
At Antevenio we can also help you define a professional Branding Influencer Marketing strategy with which to build the collaboration link between brand and influencer. Thus, we will ensure that you reach your audience in a close, non-intrusive and credible way through relevant influencers for your target.

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