Influencer marketing as a persuasion resource

The Morocco Phone Number List of influencers is a resource that has great powers of persuasion to users in social networks. To include it in our strategy, the main thing is to be clear about the values ​​of your brand and to know what motivates your target audience to choose the right person who can give them a voice to create the desired impact.Keep in mind that not everything is related to the number of followers they have, they must transmit a message that impacts users so that it generates results focused on the objective that is desired as a company, be it the sale of products, hiring of services or transmit content of value to the audience.


The brand or company must have an affinity with the values ​​of these characters. Social networks are a reflection of opinions and what is communicated by them causes an impact on the masses, therefore these alliances have an impact on the image that you want to convey. What is influencer Morocco Phone Number List ?The marketing of influencers is to promote your product or service through a person who is considered influential in the digital environment, because they have loyal followers and communities with a high percentage of engagement. The influencers are opinion leaders that talking about a brand or product on social media can impact the purchase decision of his followers. Therefore, its objective is to amplify the reach of a brand and influence the consumption habits of its audience.One of the most in-demand social networks where you work with them is Instagram , as it is a very visual social network that allows brands to show their products accompanied by a lifestyle. In addition, thanks to the stories you can show what happens at the moment and from there generate empathy with naturalness of what happens on a day-to-day basis. What types of influencers are there?These personalities can be classified according to the impact and interaction they have with their communities. By resorting to influencers, the aim is to be able to speak to users in their own language , through the format and channel with which they feel identified. Generate a familiarity between the audience and the brand, we must recognize with what types of influencers we want to work to achieve these objectives. Here’s a way to identify them: Micro Influencers. These can have between 10K – 100K followers who have high engagement and belong to specific market niches. Mega Influencers. They are those users in social networks whose community is between 500K – 1M. They offer their services relatively high, but they reach a significant number of people.Tops Influencers. Finally, we have those influencers who have +1 million followers. Here you can find some celebrities who can improve brand awareness.Advantages of influencer marketingWhen using influencer marketing, in a campaign of our brand, we must recognize the benefits or advantages that it can bring us with users. Know some of the points why you should think about using it: Helps drive direct sales of a product.It positions a brand both in the market and in the mind of the consumer.It allows to improve the organic positioning of a web.The scope of the campaign with a good influencer becomes broader.In influencer marketing strategies , it is important that the mission, vision and values ​​of the brand must be represented in the person who will be in charge of spreading the product or service, because the user must feel that there is coherence in what they want to transmit. . Sanjay Nazerali, Director of Strategy at Carat Global, suggests that influencers can be great allies of brands, but for these collaborations to be effective, the marketing strategy must be approached in a completely new way.Influencer Marketing TrendsSocial networks have become the means of greatest demand to publicize a product, so they should not be left out of the marketing strategy . Brands that seek the endorsement of an influencer reach a greater number of target audiences. Here are four trends that you should think about before running any campaign.

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1. Influencers beyond the numbers.Making a selection thinking about metrics such as followers and reach cannot be the only indicators. It is important to identify the soft and hard variables of these to know if they are related to the brand and the message can have an impact thanks to the use of an influencer .

2. Yes! Now we go from the image to the video. Either through stories, tutorials, step-by-step, productreviews … Influencers now more than ever become producers and distributors of content by being present at the presentation of the brand and being the ones who narrate or communicate the message.

3. Beyond Instagram and YouTube.Brands are going to focus influencer marketing and advertising towards emerging channels like Tik Tok . The creativity on the part of the influencers and the personalization of the campaigns will be fundamental to reach the new generational groups, in addition to the high demand of people for content to have unique content.

4. Performance-oriented campaigns.Here we focus on strategies of other methods such as tracking, discount coupons and variable fees to achieve conversions focused on the sale and download of relevant content. Now that you know the importance of influencer marketing to reach our target audience, it is time to do an investigation on which would be those that go with our brand identity and thus make them part of our content strategy. I invite you to continue reading my publications!

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