Increasingly, retail is being sought on Amazon

At MD we know that you have to be very attentive to world trends in Digital germany mobile number sample : sooner or later, they spread to the peripheries. For this reason, we believe it is important to share this information on the massive growth of the Amazon search engine in the United States.Amazon SurveySeveral consumer surveys have shown that, at least in the United States, many digital shoppers begin their retail searches on Amazon.Almost half (46.7%) of Internet users in the US started looking for retail on Amazon. Those who started searching on Google: only 34.6%, according to an Adeptmind survey conducted in May 2018Another survey, from February 2018, carried out by Salsify, showed that 41% were searching for retail and buying on Amazon, and 28% were searching on Google, and ended up buying on Amazon.2018 Q2 Jumpshot analysis of cross-device traffic on its platform marks the same trend. In 2015, Google had 54% of retail searches, and 46% belonged to Amazon.


For 2018, these figures were reversed.Amazon vs Google?However, buyers who searched Amazon took longer to make a purchase than those who searched Google.On average, 25.9 days covered the search to buy on Amazon, while for Google it was 19.6.Most bought an item within the first five days. But, within this period, they bought more (35%) using Google than Amazon (19%).AmazonPin!Graphic courtesy of Germany Phone Number List behavior can probably be explained if Amazon is being used as a product research resource.Buyers can read extensive user reviews, questions and answers, and look at photos. But they are not necessarily looking to buy right away. Whereas a Google product search could be from a buyer who already knows what they want.It is useful to see that this buying behavior and search results can also inform marketing and marketing strategy.The voice of the experts”Amazon is starting to outpace Google in the number of consumers who start their retail search there,”

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said Mike Sands, Co-Founder and CEO of Signal’s location-based services. Amazon has that information now: they get the first bite of the apple. “Click To TweetThis change could hurt retailers who use Google product search data to bid and drive site traffic.Wes MacLaggan, senior vice president of marketing for advertising management platform Marin Software, cautioned against ignoring Amazon. “Marketers need to be aware of how their products rank on Amazon and the messages they use,” he said.Search results placement on Amazon is key. According to Jumpshot, more than two-thirds of product clicks occur on the first page of Amazon search results, and one-third occur in the first two rows.

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