Inbound marketing trends for 2021 that you should know

This new year brings with it trends that you should not overlook, for example, the news related to inbound marketing 2021. And it is that in the world of marketing and advertising it is essential to keep up with all the advances in the market.

Consumers want to see new proposals that are capable of adjusting to their current needs. For this reason, you have to keep pace with the trends that will be present during these months. So you can reach and capture your target audience without any difficulty.

Knowing the main inbound marketing strategies for 2021 will allow you to distance yourself from your competitors.                                      Belarus Phone Number List    Remember that you must update all the techniques that you apply in your marketing campaigns.

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Inbound marketing trends 2021 to follow
The inbound marketing trends 2021 will open a new range of possibilities for you.    Belarus Phone Number List     These will also help you structure your strategy throughout this year. Boost your work thanks to the factors shown in the following list:

1.- Rise of artificial intelligence (AI)
Inbound marketing 2021: Artificial intelligence

You have probably already read about this trend in other strategies. Technological advances have shown that artificial intelligence will be a key factor in 2021. It will be of great help to optimize the content experience, since it works as a source of automation and collection of data of interest.

Best of all, thanks to this technological advance you can get a lot of information about your users. In this way, you will have at your fingertips concrete content proposals that have high rates of probability of conversion and engagement .

All this is possible thanks to the alignment with the intention of the consumers and their characteristics. In this way, AI is a tool with great potential for content personalization. Also for the Lead Generation , since it has a great capacity to attract and communicate with the audience.

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2.- Creation of interactive content
People not only want to enter a web page and read a post or watch a video, they want to interact with what is offered to them. Among the inbound marketing trends for 2021, interactive content stands out .

You can work with different materials that have this quality, for example, interactive videos, quizzes, dynamic e-books , etc. Plus, you can experiment with white papers, lookbooks, resource libraries, and more. The purpose is that users have greater interaction with the content.

As you can see, interactive content offers a wide range of possibilities that allow you to obtain the following benefits:

Increase in engagement.
Collection of relevant information about the buyer persona .
Attraction and capture of qualified leads.
Better customer segmentation.
Optimized user experience.
Useful information for the sales department.
Generation of potential contacts.
Variety of messages, content and proposals.
3.- Influencer marketing continues
Influencer marketing

If there is a trend that will remain for a long time, that is influencer marketing . Social networks are increasingly powerful and have become one of the most profitable and far-reaching options for companies and brands.

Digital platforms have become the perfect channels to attract and attract potential customers, as well as to generate identity with brands or the products and services you offer. To start you can look for collaborations with micro influencers , since the return on investment is enormous.

Keep in mind that these types of influencers have great potential to generate engagement. This is because they handle a close and friendly language, managing to produce trust and security in the followers.

Here the focus is not on quantity, but on quality, that is, the important thing is to catch users who are really interested. It’s better to have 50 loyal customers than 100 unique buyers.

4.- Work with content personalization
Who doesn’t like to feel special? This is precisely what users have to feel when they see your content. So if you want to achieve it, you have to work with customization . This is what will generate that feeling of exclusivity in consumers.

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The objective is to produce memorable experiences in people through a close language. In this way you can organically motivate them to make a purchase or to identify with an offer that you are offering.

By working with personalized content, you have the possibility to focus on the user, their needs and preferences. Therefore, it is important that you know your audience through good segmentation . This way you can attract it from the beginning and later retain it.

Artificial intelligence can be very useful in this process, as it has resources that allow you to obtain a large user database . Thanks to this tool you can have a clearer vision of your client’s profile.
5.- Positioning by voice search
Voice searchArtificial intelligence continues to have a presence within these 2021 inbound marketing trends. In this case, it appears through voice search, which has become a key factor when it comes to SEO positioning .

Certainly, in recent years the focus has been on typed keywords. But now it is essential to do it with voice commands as well, since more and more people take advantage of this practical option when conducting a search.

So don’t be surprised if in the next few years you see that more and more users use tools like Siri and Alexa . Through them they can make searches for businesses, addresses, content of interest and much more faster.

But to be successful in voice search positioning, you have to integrate SEO and User Experience (UX). In addition, you must create content that is much more specific (long keywords), capable of answering specific questions and searches.
6.- Implementation of chatbots
During 2021 you will also frequently see the popular chatbots , which despite being an AI tool, it is necessary to delve into them individually. They are ideal for streamlining interaction with users and answering their questions in the shortest possible time.
This allows you to keep customers with you, as they will feel cared for at all times. Otherwise, the results can be very negative, because you can lose interested consumers . This is the importance of answering concerns promptly

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It is a mechanism that will make your work much easier without compromising customization. This will make it easier for you to eliminate friction from the customer journey and drive attraction and retention.

7.- Use of messaging applications
WhatsApp messaging

Currently, there are no excuses for not maintaining direct contact with customers. If you consider that chatbots is not enough, you have the option of messaging applications . Through them you can establish a more human and friendly communication.

The objective of this inbound marketing strategy is to maintain constant communication between brand and users in order to generate a much more agile interaction and with a closer and even less formal tone of voice. This action improves understanding and empathy.
You have the possibility to use platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger , which allow you to improve your customer service. With them you can give timely answers to all questions related to potential purchases or even promote and publicize new services or products.
8.- Strengthening of mobile marketing
Although it is not a new trend, mobile marketing will continue to be present in 2021, so you must reinforce it. Your content and strategies must be adapted to your own formats for mobile devices. In this way, users can have an optimized experience.
This is not a trend that is likely to fade this year, in fact, the more time passes, the greater its relevance within the strategies. So much so that Google already takes it as a fundamental factor for positioning in its search engines through the famous Mobile-First indexing.
Remember that people spend most of the day browsing through their mobile devices, whether they are smartphones or tablets. These elements are, without a doubt, a great opportunity to reach all this audience.
9.- Featured Snippet Optimization
Featured Snippet Optimization

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