Inbound Marketing for SMEs: Does it really work?

Do you know what this Digital Marketing strategy consists of? Learn about its different tools and all the benefits it can generate in your businessThe Inbound Albania Phone Number List or inbound marketing has grown considerably in recent years and, today, many companies large and small are benefiting from it.Unlike conventional marketing, which tries to find new clients, Inbound Marketing aims to make our potential clients find us.The way to attract these customers is by generating useful, relevant content that adds value to each of the stages of the purchase process .If you have a small or medium-sized business, you can get a lot out of this strategy. In this article, I will show you why.Let’s get started!How does Inbound Marketingwork?You will probably agree with us: consumers are saturated with advertising messages. It is for this reason that traditional advertisements – such as those broadcast in the press, radio, television or even pay per click – are usually no longer as effective.The disenchantment of buyers with this type of advertising has encouraged the emergence of Inbound, which presented an inverse proposal: instead of being you who is looking for customers in a “annoying way”, make them approach voluntarily, conquering them through content that you can, for example, post on a blog.What you achieve with this content is to position yourself in search engines by means of keywords (or keywords, in Spanish) that a potential client searches on the Internet when they are researching products or services that your business offers. The intention is that through the search, your buyer person finds what you have published and reaches you in the form of organic traffic.Once you manage to capture their visit on your page, the next step is to convert it into a record in your database. Then, you must work accompanying him and helping him mature in his buying cycle so that one day you can transform him into your customer.The benefits of Inbound Marketing for SMEsIt is very profitableAlthough applying this strategy takes time and effort, the costs involved are very low. Just by hiring a web hosting, a domain and creating your page, you already have what it takes to get started.If we compare with traditional marketing, you can see that carrying out this type of technique is much cheaper.Also, if you want to use Google or Facebook ads to improve results, the ability to segment your ads will make them more effective and therefore more profitable.

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Provide credibility and trustAs we said before, the way to do Inbound Marketing is by generating quality content that is useful, relevant and that generates value for our audience.By creating this type of content, we will make people not feel that we want to sell them something, but that we simply try to help them. This will make them believe and trust us (and our products or services) more.In addition, it will allow us to enhance our brand, becoming a benchmark within our Albania Phone Number List  niche, an authority.Once we generate this trust, it will be very easy for them to want to buy what we offer in the future.Your results are long-lastingBy publishing content like the one we mentioned, you can forge more stable and lasting relationships with your customers.If we can respond to the concerns that our potential clients have each time they visit us, we will achieve that relationship and surely we will have future sales.It is true that to implement this strategy we must be constant in the creation of content and this requirestime and effort.However, once the results start to appear, it will be like a snowball effect that will not stop moving forward and growing attracting a large number of clients.Best of all, once we achieve this effect, maintaining it is virtually cost-free.Allows you to compete on equal termsThe success factor of an inbound strategy is not in the size of your company or the size of your budget. Actually, it has a lot to do with the ability to understand the needs and interests of your customers so that you can develop materials aimed at serving them.Also, Google does not rank your page based on your turnover or your number of employees. He cares about ranking what adds value. Being well optimized for SEO and being interesting to users is the key to being taken into account by the search platform.

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That allows you to compete on equal terms with companies that triple your size!How to put it into practice?To implement an Inbound Marketing strategy, we only need a blog and start generating content of interest to potential clients of our SME.Another important factor is to include forms and landing pages to capture leads in our database. This will serve to make personalized and segmented communications via email and run campaigns to “nurture” these contacts with new content. Remember: content, not offers.You can do all of this through a marketing automation tool. It will allow you to save on equipment, since, as its name suggests, it can automate and simplify many tasks, making an Inbound strategy very simple and easy to manage.Inbound Marketing toolsYou already know what Inbound Marketing is, its benefits and how to start putting it into practice in your SME. However, you still do not know all its tools. We talk a lot about the blog, but will it be the only option? Of course not.Next, we list the other techniques that you should use to achieve a successful inbound strategy.VideosVideos are allies of any marketing strategy focused on attracting the public. In addition to transmitting proximity, they are easy to consume and very appropriate if what you want is that your audience, in addition to consuming, also shares your content. You achieve all this through an attractive visual production.PodcastsPodcasts are like the evolution of radio shows. If before people gathered around the device to listen to a program among the few options available, today they can access thousands of podcasts, on the most varied topics. The audience just chooses the content and voila – they’ll be able to listen to it whenever and wherever they want.Webinars
A webinar allows you to present your topics through live broadcasts and online, while the public attendsand interacts through a chat or comment section. Here it is important that you get the most out of the exchange of dynamic and attractive messages with your audience.E-booksE-books are electronic books that you can offer on the Internet for people who are interested in more in-depth content. In these you can develop your topics in a better way than in an article, for example. Creating more robust material can increase your credibility and attract many quality leads to your company.InfographicsInfographics fulfill the function of attracting the attention of an audience very well and are increasingly popular in content strategies. This happens because the words and icons used manage to explain complex topics in a simple and pleasant way for the readers.Social mediaWe have seen that the first step of an inbound strategy is to attract visitors to your site. Social networks are essential for this to happen. The size of its reach is quite extensive, so you need to promote your content in these media to reach a significant audience. In any type of inbound marketing campaign, it is worth considering using social media as a content distribution channel.

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