Inbound Marketing for Real Estate: First Steps to an Effective Strategy

Learn in this post 4 practical tips for your construction or real estate company. Start working with Inbound Belize Phone Number List right now and generate more results!In Latin America there is significant potential in the real estate investment market. Specialists from Jones Lang LaSalle (financial and professional services company, specialized in real estate services and investment management) have identified São Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), Bogotá ( Colombia) and Panama City (Panama) as development opportunities in this sector.Seeing this developing market for the region, we bring a series of steps for you to create an effective sales strategy based on Results Marketing.Differentiated strategies By applying Inbound Marketing strategies in the real estate business, business opportunities are further enhanced and multiple advantages are obtained.One of the most outstanding is the reduction of marketing costs. For example, publishing in a high-circulation newspaper would entail much higher costs. Inbound Marketing is much cheaper and, in turn, allows you to measure results accurately – we know exactly how many people have clicked on an ad on Google.Inbound Real Estate MarketingThe first thing that you should take into account when applying Inbound strategies to a real estate, is that it does not work like an ecommerce. Generating all the sales online is difficult, since the price of each property is high and the sale process is complex. There are many variables that influence the sale, ranging from the job of the broker to the approval of financing at the bank, which depends on many factors.However, although Real Estate Inbound Marketing is not done 100% online, the strategies facilitate the sale and make it faster, since the potential clients approached are much closer to the moment of purchase. That is why we bring you in this post 4 practical tips to start a Digital Marketing planning for a construction or real estate company.

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1- Leads qualificationEvery broker, realtor, or builder has a ton of cards or an email list of people that were addressed at pitches, trade shows, and events. What many companies see as simple data, for Inbound Belize Phone Number List is extremely valuable information. These contacts will be our first Leads to be worked on and qualified.Important: If your real estate agency has never done any type of communication by email, or you have a long time without exchanging messages with these people, it is worth cleaning the list first, that is, separating the contacts that can be used from that are not valid. Performing this practice saves work time and increases the chances of conversion to future sales.For these contacts, we must start the communication with a simple email template. Our goal is to qualify these Leads, once they have already had a first contact with your real estate. Here they count from basic strategies, such as presenting new projects, or even something aggressive for sale, how to make offers.It is important to note that, in parallel, these Leads can receive fortnightly newsletters about the news of your real estate. This is a great way to get remembered. We just need to be careful not to send the same offer again to customers who have already made a purchase.To see how it works, take a look at our case: How Casa Mineira Imóveis uses Digital Marketing to increase sales

2- Lead generationAt the same time that existing leads are being qualified, it is important that new leads are generated. For this, we have 2 alternatives:Funnel Bottom Offer (Near Sell)Direct offers contribute to the generation of more qualified leads, who need less nutrition time, speeding up the purchase process. In the case of real estate, some quick and simple practices can do this. Here are some ideas:Landing Page with countdown to the launch of a new project;Offers with discounts or benefits such as “win furnished kitchen” or “2 garages included if you close the purchase this month”;Scheduling of a visit to the decorated apartment;Evaluation of your property for exchange;Video presentation of the property with a demonstration of the ground floor.Top Of The Funnel Offers (Lead First Steps)With the bottom of the funnel offering up and running, we save time to prepare the prospects and the buying process, as well as the contents for the tip and the middle of the funnel, which can serve for the nutrition of leads later. Here are some ideas for important educational content to make your projects welcome:

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