Inbound marketing for NGOs: practical guide with examples

If you haven’t already, try inbound marketing for NGOs. And the fact is, today’s constantly changing business environment challenges marketers to really think and develop new ways to reach their audience. Similarly, NGOs must adopt these new practices, such as inbound marketing . To achieve your fundraising, volunteer support and awareness goals . Inbound marketing for NGOs is all about personalization and smart technology. Using inbound as your primary methodology allows you to stay in touch with your prospects, donors, and advocates in a very individualized way, where they are. Although getting this right is often the biggest hurdle many NGOs face. Why do Inbound Marketing for NGOs The idea of ​​inbound marketing for NGOs is to develop content that is interesting and informative. Instead of spending your time and money trying to convince people to use your goods and services, create a platform that attracts people. You establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise so that people value what you have to say and are interested in what you have to offer. Unlike regular businesses,  phone mailing list  the purpose of an NGO is not to maximize profits. However, that doesn’t mean that inbound marketing strategies aren’t helpful to your nonprofit. So, consider the following: Less than half of the NGOs that exist use blogs as a tool to better spread their message .

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Millennials, at 72%, are more likely to give online than any other group. Almost 85% of NGOs use Twitter and 95% maintain a Facebook page .  Phone Number List  Almost 80% of NGOs agree that social media is important to receive funding . As you can see, inbound marketing can be an effective way to promote awareness of your NGO by blogging and participating on social media. This, in turn, will make more people trust your organization. The benefits of having an active blog on your NGO website are enormous. Keep your loyal fans interested and attract new people. Did you know that it can also make you look more like an expert in your field? Posting a constant stream of meaningful and thought-provoking content is one of the best ways to attract potential investors . It shows them that you take your organization seriously and that you know your field, top to bottom. After all, no one wants to give money to a group they know nothing about!
Building the reputation of your NGO and creating trust in your organization are not the only benefits that come from Inbound Marketing. Using social media and blogging to talk about your products is also a great way to increase your SEO rankings . Every time you post updates with good keywords, meaningful information, and high-quality links, you’re working to increase it.

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