Importance of generating leads on social networks

Who is not active on social media today? The truth is that currently social networks are more than a means of communication to share photos, tastes and memories. Now they are a virtual community in which most people look for references, business influences, work tools, valuable knowledge to help them overcome problems and achieve their business goals and more. For this reason, business must be present where the prospects are. Here we give you more insights on the subject to encourage you to start, keep reading!Currently, social networks are the fuel of any business. They are the sites that have allowed the promotion of various enterprises, small and medium businesses and have helped established companies to position themselves more strongly in the mind of the consumer. Even many of these have gone on to become lovemarks thanks to the presence on networks and can have direct contact with consumers through these .However, there are many companies that do not think so and decide to stay out of these virtual communities, because they think that their target audience is outside of these. But it is necessary to understand that now the networks are not only exclusive for young people and adolescents, it is more, many adults and business people have them active because, precisely, they allow them to establish new contacts, acquire vital business information, open more telemarketing list providers and others . So, you shouldn’t be left behind either!Here we give you 4 vital tips so that today you can start to build that reputation online and generate, through these networks, many more qualified prospects (leads) for your company, pay attention!Schedule a call here1. ChatbotsChatbots are becoming more fashionable in online businesses every day, as they guarantee that digital sales increase month by month. Why? Simply because they allow you to give quick and automated responses to everyone who has contact with your company. This will help you generate authentic value, as you will be guaranteed that all prospects will be satisfied and well served at all times.In addition, a chatbot can also help you guide users to provide their email, subscribe to the page or even download an ebook or infographic . This will benefit you, as you will have access to email and can begin to build a better relationship with the prospect.

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2. ContestsThe famous contests, or better known as giveaways, are essential to increase the generation of leads on social networks, as they are dynamic activities with which you can attract many people and further strengthen the virtual community that you are trying to build .For this you must have an attractive prize, advertise about it and put as a Phone Number List that they give you their email, that they like your page or some other requirement that favors you and then streamline your sales process.3. Offers and discountsAnother way to attract quality leads is to offer special discounts to all your followers. On the one hand, youare offering something very valuable that they will be very interested in and, furthermore, you are building loyalty to your brand and strengthening the online community.4. AdsAnother very efficient way is the ads on the various platforms: Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads and others. These ads will guarantee that you will reach many more people, you will be able to increase traffic and get those qualified leads that you want so much.So what are you waiting for? Give social media a try today and watch your business grow. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we want to help you be one of the best this 2019! Also, subscribe to our blog for more tips to increase your sales this year. Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.Schedule a digital consultancy for your business here

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