IGTV ‘Series’: What are they and how to create them?

Instagram recently announced new tools to help creators start their own IGTV Series. Viewers can now watch their favorite series. And subscribe to notifications so you never miss new episodes.The new tool is designed to give creators the opportunity to produce streaming video content . And long-form on IGTV, separated from other videos on their channel. Ready to dive in? Here’s everything you need to know about IGTV’s new Series’ tools. Open your Instagram account and take good note. First of all, how do you master IGTV? IGTV is Instagram’s way of bringing brands closer to the public and allowing users to discover them. For brands, it is a way of creating content, a new communication channel. It is the era of stories and speed. And not from the carefully worked content. In fact, by the year 2021, mobile video will represent 78% of mobile data traffic, as reported by Instagram’s own website . Now is the time for your brand to capitalize on a platform that is familiar but adds a twist to the video revolution. Like YouTube and television proper,  available phone numbers australia  IGTV gives users access to different channels from which to stream long-term content. Coobis- branded content, SEO & Influencer Marketing marketplace Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand and your products thanks to a Branded Content SEO & Influencers strategy?


Videos can be up to one hour long and are presented on a full screen, in portrait format. Once you are in the application and enter IGTV, you will believe that you are in another app. Hence the need to take full advantage of Instagram TV  Australia Phone Number List   as an independent tool and now the Series’ of IGTV. Search for your favorite channel and view content recommended for you or videos created by the users you follow. And, just like the traditional app, you can continue to like, comment, or share any video that sparks your interest. IGTV seriesThe opportunities to use the new IGTV Series’ tools are endless. And it ‘s a great way to connect with your audience and attract new followers . The creators have already uploaded to these new tools in the series. The new tool allows creators to organize their videos on a separate page. And it includes a badge with the name of the series to separate it from other IGTV videos. When a viewer watches an episode of the series, the next episode will automatically be recommended to continue watching . Creators can also give their fans the option to turn on notifications to be informed when a new episode is added to their IGTV series so they never miss out on new content. Although this does not mean that you will start watching your favorite TV shows on IGTV. Instagram continues to try to make the overall experience look a lot like traditional television. But it’s safe to say that you can definitely expect to see creators and brands spend more time creating ongoing IGTV content for their channels.
Ready to create your own IGTV Series? Here’s how to do it: Set up your IGTV series . New IGTV series tools make it easy for creators to create an ongoing IGTV series to better connect with their viewers. So to get started, add a video to your series by tapping “Add to series . ” If it is your first video, you will have to configure the name and description of the series. The new tools also make it easy to add existing IGTV content to a series . Simply select the IGTV tab on your profile, tap on the video you want to add and click “Edit . “

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