If we invest in billboards, why don’t we think about SEO?

Every evening when I go home from the office, usually in traffic, I notice the various billboards along the way. I have noticed that every day there are more hurdles for master’s, postgraduate and graduate degrees. The last ones I remember seeing: Agexport Masteries UVG Masters Master’s degrees from the Universidad Panamericana And to be honest, I think I notice why I teach in one of these master’s degrees. I give Business Analytics in the Master In Business Intelligence and Analytics of the UVG. On the first day of class, I asked the students why this master’s degree and how did they find out about it? AND NOBODY ANSWERED, BECAUSE I SAW HER IN A FENCE. They all answered that they searched and investigated on the internet.Since that day, every time I see a billboard for a master’s degree, I wonder what all these universities and institutions are doing on social media. Furthermore, a study by the ad network Chitika, confirmed that the first search result in Google gets 33% of the clicks!So to solve my big question of what kind of digital all number data these institutions are doing , I decided to do an experiment. Let’s see what we find on Google!My experiment started in a very simple way, first I looked for the word mastery


Look at the help that Google gives me, one of the results is a Mexican university. I ended up choosing masters and these were my results:UVG Masters came out as a paid advertisement, after which I did not get any university in Guatemala !!! So I tried to be a little more specific, I looked for Master’s in Guatemala:In these results, why don’t the other universities that I have been seeing come out of the billboards?!?! There are many answers to this question, but one of the main elements is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).If you still don’t know what it is, and how to use it, find out in our article: What is SEO and how does it benefit me?We wish you Merry Christmas !!!!Receive a cordial greeting from the Niu USA Phone Number List Guatemala team this Christmas season. We are a company whose main commitment is to offer its customers a quality service. We believe that the family is the foundation of our society and that is why we strive for its well-being.Christmas is a very special time in which we remember the birth of the baby Jesus in the manger, an occasion to celebrate next to our loved ones and find true happiness by their side.Let’s enjoy CHRISTMAS in an atmosphere of PEACE and FRIENDSHIP.

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