How You Can Take Advantage of Facebook Ads Ad Limiting

Social networks are constantly modified and make multiple adjustments, as in the case of the Facebook Ads ad capping . Despite the reputational crises it has suffered in recent years, it remains one of the most popular  Spain Phone Number List    digital platforms on the market, with millions of active users.

Keeping up to date with social media updates is essential to be successful in your Social Media strategy . Especially when you use these platforms to advertise your brand and what you offer. Therefore, you have to take into account all the parameters that each network establishes.

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Knowing the current    Spain Phone Number List    Facebook Ads ad limitation lets you know the right amount for your account. But it also gives you the possibility to take advantage of it in your advertising plan, as it can be beneficial for your company.

Ad volume allowed by Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads ad limitation

It is important that you know that the performance of an ad improves depending on the times it is shown. Therefore, advertisers of various sizes should use different ad volumes to improve performance.
Given this, you must apply the Facebook Ads ad limitation, which has four different levels according to the advertiser’s budget. You will find them in more detail below:

Small to medium-sized pages (less than 100,000 euros of investment in the month of highest spending of the last year): in this case the limit is 250 ads .
Medium to large pages (between 100,000 and 1,000,000 euros of investment in the month of highest spending of the last year): here the limit is 1000 ads .
Large pages (between 1 and 10 million euros of investment in the month of highest spending of the last year): you will have a limit of 5000 ads.
Very large pages (more than 10 million euros of investment in the highest spending month of the last year): in this last option the limit is 20,000 ads.
It should be noted that these limits came into effect in February 2021 and will remain in effect until the summer. You just have to go to the Ads Manager to see when they will start to apply on your page.
How to reduce the volume of ads?
In case of having many ads created, the same social network advises addressing the problem from four different fronts. In this way, you can respect the limitation of Facebook Ads ads and take advantage of its full potential:
A.- Combine ad sets
Facebook Ads
The combination of ads offers you the following features:

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You can combine sets of ads with different audiences and use the breakdowns of the reports to have more accurate data about each.
It works by combining ad sets targeting several small geographic areas.
If you have different ad sets for different placements, you can combine them and use automatic placements and asset personalization.
You also have the ability to configure multiple languages ​​in a single ad set.
B.- Reduce the number of ads per set
The second front that Facebook presents revolves around reducing group ads:

You have the opportunity to use A / B testing to find which advertisements are preferred before launching them on a large scale.
Use up to six content per ad set.
Instead of launching ads with different text variants, work with multiple text optimization. This will allow the delivery system to automatically improve the performance of each ad impression.
Use dynamic content and formats. In this way, different formats and optimized content are shown to different users, without the need to create more than one ad.
C.- Use specific solutions for your sector
Another of the alternatives that the social network gives to these ad limits is based on the sectors:
In the event that you have created ads directed to different physical stores, you can use the traffic objective in the business . Thus, you will be able to personalize the ads with local information from each store.
Advertisers in the real estate industry can use real estate ads. These show specific ads to the people most likely to make a purchase.
Now, if you’re in the automotive industry, use car inventory ads. This way, you can promote your entire inventory with fewer ads.
D.- Deactivate the ads that are not being delivered
Last but not least, there is the deactivation of those ads that for some reason are not being delivered. Keep in mind that having those advertisements that are not shown to users does not add anything to your account. Rather, it is a negative factor, since it reduces performance.
So the best thing is to do regular cleanings where you can remove ads that are not receiving impressions. Or those who have limited learning.
Take advantage of Facebook Ads ad capping
You don’t have to see Facebook ad limits as a negative for your business, quite the opposite. You have to take advantage of this new regulation to boost your advertising strategy on this popular social network.
There are several ways to do this. In the following section you will see some alternatives that you can consider in your future projects:
1.- Work with divided tests
By working with split tests, you can compare different versions of your ads to see which one works best. It allows you to use the same image with a different copy or the same copy with different images . Or, if you prefer, you can make them completely different, all depending on what you want to know.
What is wanted with this is that you discover which one has the most desired effect and execute it successfully. If you want, you can do a split test of the best ad with another ad that you think has potential.

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2.- Determine the purpose of the ad
Objectives of your campaign

It is extremely important that you know what you are comparing and what you want to achieve, so you must be clear about the purpose and objective of your ad. This is key to achieve what you propose within your advertising strategy on this social network.
Determine if you want more likes, comments, conversions, or impact. You have to really have defined what it is you want to get through the ads, so that you don’t have to disproportionately publish them without an argument.
Keep in mind that this will help you when sending those similar but not identical ads, since you have a defined objective for each of them. If you develop a good strategy for your ads over time, you can make it a general rule of thumb for your advertising if it is successful.
3.- Select your target audience
Another aspect that you cannot leave out is the selection of your target audience. You must be sure of the type of audience you want to reach in order to design a much more effective and attractive ad for it.
So it is imperative that you have an idea of who your main target audience is or who you want to see your ad specifically. To do this, you need to make sure that the demographics are correct.
Learn how to create effective ads
It does not hurt that you know some recommendations to make ads that your ads are really effective. These tips that you will see below can be very useful when limiting Facebook Ads ads:
Use highly attractive images or videos: if you want to really attract the attention of your audience, you have to work on the visual content very well. This should fit with your brand’s style: use color, text, graphic design , images, eye-catching titles, subtitles, and voice-overs, among others.
Work with the specifications of Facebook ads: this social network has its rules regarding the amount of text. If they are very long, they will not be accepted. Also make sure they have the right image size for whatever type of ad you run. Image size should be 1200 x 628 pixels.
Design the right message: copy is a fundamental part of the performance of your ad and there are certain guidelines that you must respect. Copywriting must be able to grab people and have a purpose. The opening headline will define whether the user stays or not. You have to avoid being too commercial and in case of offering a discount mention it in the first seconds.
Exceed the Facebook Ads ad limitation
With all this information you are more than ready to continue advertising on Facebook while respecting its limits. But not only that, but you already know how you can use them to your advantage and exploit the full potential of all your ads.
In addition, these small recommendations will be of great help when creating your ads on this social network. And if you want to have the help of a professional agency with extensive experience in the sector, at Antevenio we offer you our performance services in Social Ads . We have a working system to manage marketing campaigns for results efficiently.

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